Academic Success Center Home Texas A&M University

Welcome to the Academic Success Center's Cleopatra Scheduling System.

NOTE:Between semesters, we will not have appointments available to book in this system, however, our Academic Coaches are still available. Students can come to our office during regular office hours and ask for to meet with a coach.

The Academic Success Center is located in Rudder Tower (9th & 10th Floors). Academic Coaching appointments you can book in this system will take place on the 9th or 10th floor of Rudder Tower. Please plan to check in on the 9th floor when you come to your appointment. Appointments that occur after 5pm will be held on the 10th floor of Rudder Tower. Veterans may choose appointments at the VRSC in Koldus.

We are eager to work with you. Coaching sessions are normally limited to 45 minutes, once a day. You may select a specific individual to meet with or request a specific time slot and we will assign you to the first available staff member. Before meeting with us, give some thought to what roadblocks you may be facing, your primary concerns, and what you hope to accomplish during your coaching session. Be an active participant in the session. It may be helpful to bring your calendar and class materials such as textbooks, notes, or your syllabus with you to the session.